Chloé After Party, Paris Fashion Week


It all started when…

Pattern were engaged to design the set for Solange Knowles’ surprise performance at the Chloé After Party during Paris Fashion Week in 2017. Knowles performed to a select group of guests at the spectacular la Hôtel de la Monnaie. The design included an intervention of intangible features; carefully constructed reflections, patterned light, and bold colour; adding spectacle and drama to the existing space.

Knowles’ stage set included an arrangement of oversized, angled mirrors; and was designed to reflect the Hotel’s magnificent interior back onto viewers. Monochromatic, coloured light delighted the audience and was a commanding presence throughout the performance. A lighting installation in the champagne room overlooking the Seine bathed guests in a minimal, abstracted pattern of light. Branding was considered and playful, taking the form of a neon Chloé sign guests could photograph and be photographed beside. The designs were intentionally refined and reductive, reflecting both the Chloé brand and Solange Knowles’ aesthetic sensibilities and creating a striking juxtaposition against the intricate and ornate Parisian architecture.

Photography by Anita Leung