The Daily Edited, Sydney


It all started when…

The design brief for the tde. Sydney flagship was to create a space which would feel more like a private residence than a traditional retail store, offering tde. customers a unique shopping experience but also a sense of knowing the brand on a more personal
level. Intended to be a showcase all things beautiful, a sequence of interior spaces contains covetable objects and furnishings alongside shoppable product. Inside are elements not typically found in a retail store, adding a sense of discovery and wonder to the experience. This store offers visitors a brief escape from reality upon entering this rose tinged, dream-like world.

The store’s layout was designed to allow unobstructed views through to the floor to ceiling window at the end of the 20m long space. Brass-framed glazed partitions and sheer curtains assist with creating natural zones whilst maintaining a sense of openness and spaciousness. Designed to feel contemporary but also timeless, a harmonious base palette of soft grey and pale pink is overlaid with rich, luxurious materials and finishes. Natural stone and polished brass detailing add elegance and sophistication; forms are minimal and detailing unfussy so as to maintain a sense of clarity throughout the spaces.

Furnishings are a delicate balance of cohesive and eclectic and include collection of contemporary pieces (feature light fittings and artworks) as well as iconic furniture classics and bespoke furniture and joinery. Staff operate concierge style rather than behind a designated counter and no areas on the shop floor are out of bounds to visitors. Not loyal customer, in this store these are dear friends of the brand.

Photography by Greg Lewis